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Throughout its many years of operation, REMUS has proved itself to be a professional company and a stable collaboration partner. REMUS works both as a general firm, successfully managing large-scale projects, and offers the services of its qualified specialists in the execution of individual projects.

REMUS is one of the few Latvian companies that can perform the majority of work with the assistance of its own qualified workforce and equipment. 85 % of the company’s returns in the last few years came from projects performed with its own resources. REMUS has all of the construction equipment, mechanisms, and facilities necessary for the execution of work.

REMUS has been a partner of both Latvian companies and many large foreign companies, participating in large-scale infrastructure construction projects.

REMUS currently employs almost 300 employees, who have proved their professionalism by working on construction jobs that demand the highest qualifications and a wealth of experience.

REMUS is devoted to the further development of the company and increasing of productivity. For this reason, the education of employees and the raising of their professional qualifications are two of the company’s main tasks. REMUS is a company that can be proud of its management team, which is composed of experienced employees who are specialists in their profession.