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In keeping with its mission, REMUS provides services in three spheres of operation: construction, power supply, and engineering networks.

REMUS’s offers its clients a full range of construction services, beginning with the building of electrical-supply systems and utilities (water supply, sewerage, heating networks, and gas) all the way up to the performance of actual construction work on a building site.

REMUS performs individual, technologically complex construction work for its clients in each of the following sectors:

  • power supply: construction, repair, and reconstruction of substations, distribution points, electro-transmission raised electrical lines and cable lines, and HES and TEC structures and units;
  • engineering networks: construction, repair, and reconstruction of local and arterial heating mains, water-pipes and sewerage, purification facilities, and gas lines;
  • construction: construction, repair, and reconstruction of industrial, public, and residential buildings, and the planning and installation of electrical wiring.

In addition to providing services, REMUS is constantly expanding its range of services. In 1996, REMUS began to perform the planning and construction of base stations for mobile-communication operators. REMUS was also the first company in Latvia to install pipes and communication canals using trenchless technology.

REMUS also offers planning and construction of non-standard structures, transport of outsized cargo, local cargo transport, as well as the use of auto-crane, excavator, and other construction services.